Terms and Conditions


1. Getadayroom.com is owned and operated by Getadayroom Worldwide (a Dutch limited liability company, registered under the KVK number (68904185) and VAT number (857640951B01) with an office located at Wilhelminastraat 164-2 1054 WS Amsterdam.
2. "Hotel" means the partner hotel that participates in the Getadayroom.com website and provides hotel details for placement on the website at Getadayroom.com.
3. "Guest" means the person who makes use of the service offered in the form of a reservation.



Getadayroom.com is an online service, meant for hotel room rentals during the day, without overnight stay. Getadayroom Worldwide is the owner for the design as well as the layout of the website of Getadayroom.com and the copyright, including the text placed on the website by the hotel and the hotel hereby assigns all copyrights to Getadayroom.com. On this website Getadayroom.com offers guests the possibility to make an inventory of the availability and possibilities of hotels as well as to book a hotel reservation. Getadayroom.com emphasizes that this website is a quality tool where internet users can find correct information and / or reliable advice about the offered infrastructure and can reserve a room. All hotels listed on Getadayroom.com are known for their professionalism and ethics and are all professional companies in the hotel industry. The information on Getadayroom.com only relates to the hotel accommodation. Furthermore, Getadayroom.com is strictly reserved to an adult and warned public and is in accordance with the applicable regulations in the Netherlands.


1. These general conditions apply to all bookings resulting from bookings on Getadayroom.com
2. Deviations from and additions to these general terms and conditions are only valid if they have been expressly agreed in writing in the form of an addendum.
3. The "agreement" of accommodation is entered into only between the guest and the chosen hotel. Getadayroom.com acts exclusively as an intermediary for sending a letter of intent and does not act on its own behalf.
4. It is the job of the partner hotel to arrange the handling with the guest. Due to the cooperation between Getadayroom.com and the hotel, the hotel commits itself to the guests who make a booking through Getadayroom.com, to always and correctly respond to any questions.


1. The hotel guarantees that all personal data and information stated in the booking received from Getadayroom.com will be treated confidentially. Getadayroom.com never wishes to check or verify the identity or activities of guests using the offered service.
2. In accordance with the laws on privacy, Getadayroom.com undertakes not to disclose to anyone the identity or other information concerning the person (s) who have used the services of Getadayroom.com, unless a motivated request is received from the legal authorities.
3. The collection of personal data via the website Getadayroom.com and the use made of it is in accordance with Dutch legislation. These data are kept for a period determined by law and are then destroyed for greater discretion.


1. Getadayroom.com is an online service provider in hotel room rentals during the day and is in accordance with Dutch legislation. Individual reservations are communicated by Getadayroom as an online agent to the hotel in question.
2. Getadayroom.com does not work on request. The hotel receives from Getadayroom.com exclusive valid reservations and is expressly not responsible for complaints / complaints from guests who have reserved for which no rooms are available.
3. What happens in the rooms, which are rented by Getadayroom.com, is exclusively a matter for the guest and / or the hotel and Getadayroom.com can not be charged in any way. Any incident, accident or other event that violates applicable laws and / or regulations is therefore exclusively the responsibility of guest and / or hotel. Getadayroom.com condemns any unlawful activity and will fully cooperate with the competent authorities if there are suspicions of illegal activities.
4. The hotel owner or his representative agrees that the maximum liability of Getadayroom.com for any loss combined or damage nevertheless arising from or in connection with this agreement, with respect to one or more events or series of events (connected or unrelated) that take place within a period of twelve months are limited to the total annual commissions in each year of this agreement.


1. For all partner hotels it is desirable and therefore obliged to inform all employees about the cooperation with Getadayroom.com, both operational and administrative.
2. All online information about the hotel (stars, price, facilities, services, location, etc.) will be provided by the hotel. Getadayroom.com is never responsible for tracking allotment, prices and room types. Guests will therefore not be able to submit claims regarding any inaccuracies in this information.
3. The hotel guarantees Getadayroom.com that it has copyright over the texts, photos and videos that are submitted to Getadayroom.com for placement on the website. The hotel indemnifies Getadayroom.com for all claims of third parties against it for infringement of these copyrights.
4. The information about the hotel displayed on the website must comply with the guidelines of Getadayroom.com.


Once the hotel has accepted the terms and conditions and all information about the hotel and facilities and services offered, as well as data relating to allotment and rates are fully loaded on the extranet, the partner hotel can be booked online at Getadayroom.com. The hotel owner or a person with the permission of the hotel places the hotel information through a personal login on the extranet within the website. Participating partner hotels receive a hotel login with password to access the extranet of Getadayroom.com with access to:

  • Full management and update allotment and room rates of different room types
    • Information about your hotel facilities and services
    • Uploading l x number of photos / videos from your hotel
    • Show your hotel details and website.


1. Getadayroom accordingly to the 'no cure no pay' principle. The mention of the hotel details on Getadayroom.com is completely free of charge. Also Getadayroom.com does not charge a fee for keeping / changing general hotel data. In addition, Getadayroom.com will provide the hotel with address information as well as the link of its own website free of charge. This generates indirect bookings in addition to direct bookings.
2. All guests who have made a booking through Getadayroom meet their payment obligation at the hotel. A 12.5% commission is levied on the total price of all bookings made through the Getadayroom.com booking system.
3. At all bookings booked in the partner hotel, with the exception of canceled reservations or no-shows, Getadayroom Worldwide sends a commission invoice on a monthly basis.
4. Prices of bookings are excl. City tax, VAT is calculated in accordance with the legal regulations.
5. Getadayroom.com uses a payment term of 30 days and can (temporarily) block hotels in the absence of payment. Getadayroom.com reserves the right to generate the invoice automatically after 90 days without checking, assuming that Getadayroom.com has contacted the hotel in question by e-mail and telephone.


This online agreement is continued by Getadayroom.com and partner hotel and can be terminated by both parties at any time.


Getadayroom.com reserves the right to remove the hotel from the website and / or block partner hotel from further bookings. For example fraudulent changes lead to blocking and to the utmost removal of the hotel from the website as well as further legal measures. Suspension is generally applicable in the following situations, whereby any outstanding invoices are due immediately upon cancellation:

  • If the hotel does not meet the other obligations as described in the conditions
  • If, in the opinion of Getadayroom.com, there are good reasons for this, based on an attitude and the actions of the hotel.
  • Partner hotel refuses a booking that is correctly reserved via Getadayroom.com
  • Exceeding commission payment more than 90 days
  • The structural non timely payment of the financial obligation to Getadayroom.com
  • Any behavior that is harmful to our business operations or the reputation of Getadayroom Worldwide.
  • In case of a takeover of a hotel by third parties, if a moratorium has been granted to the hotel or the hotel has been declared bankrupt. In that case, Getadayroom.com expressly reserves the right to cancel any bookings that have already been made, for which no hotel visit has yet taken place, free of charge and transfer them to a hotel of choice of Getadayroom.com.