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Getadayroom is the first Dutch intermediary in dayroom hotel reservations. Getadayroom specializes in dayrooms, where our customers have the opportunity to enjoy a hotel room during the day with a discount on the Average Daily Rate (ADR). The Getadayroom team consists of passionate and experienced hotel and marketing experts and our team has more than 20 years of hotel experience, both in the hotel sector and in online hotel reservations (OTA).

As a fully-fledged partner for hotels, Getadayroom offers complementary services to existing hotel activities, with the aim of achieving an even higher occupancy rate and profitability (REVPAR / GOPPAR) at our partner hotels.

The concept of dayroom bookings is a proven concept and is now widely accepted and integrated into the traditional hotel business.

More and more hotels, both in the larger cities in Europe as well as in the rest of the world, make use of dayroom bookings.

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With our service, partner hotels can realize an occupancy of more than 100% even on several days a week. In addition, by giving guests access to the hotel's services during the day, the regular consumption pattern also changes, and in addition to the traditional services, this provides extra and new possibilities for hotels.


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