How do I check if the hotel offers (free) parking?
Some hotels offer parking, either free or at extra charge. You will find this information on the page of the hotel (hotel facilities) on our website. Upon arrival at the hotel you may also ask reception about it.

Is the booking discreet?
When you make the reservation, the form which saves your information is entirely secure. You can check this as the URL should begin with HTTPS. If you make a booking which requires for example credit card details, this information will automatically be encripted by the system. In addition, all information will be destroyed 5 days after your stay.

What is the customer account for?
The customer account is your personal space at Getadayroom. You will find all information regarding your past, future or canceled reservations (except for those without connection to your account) and you can manage your favorite hotels.

Can I submit a complaint?
We work hard with our hotel partners to make your stay as pleasant as possible. In case of issues, please inform us by filling out the complaint form. You can follow the stated procedure and should add your reservation number as well. We will do our very best to process your complaint.