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Frankfurt am Main, usually simply referred to as Frankfurt, is a major city in western Germany and also the financial heart of Europe.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the leading stock exchanges in the world where gigantic amounts of shares are traded daily. The presence of the fair has ensured that there are also a number of headquarters of German banks in Frankfurt, as well as a large number of head offices of German companies. The business has created a unique skyline for Europe with dozens of skyscrapers. This sight has given Frankfurt the nickname 'Mainhattan' with reference to Manhattan in New York and the river Main which runs through the city.

It also describes the international feeling that the city evokes when you walk through it. With English you can go to the many bars and restaurants, but also in many offices. Frankfurt is the expat city of Germany where a melting pot of nationalities earns money together. In the poorer districts of Frankfurt you also see that a large number of cultures live side by side, but here unemployment and relative poverty predominate. You can see these contradictions in the streets of Frankfurt. Slums overlooking modern office-designed office buildings mixed with a number of historic buildings left over after the destruction of the center in W.O. II. Some buildings and streets are not entirely intact but have been restored after the war. The rest of the inner city has in fact been completely redesigned without taking into account old structures and planning laws as they used to be. Frankfurt Zentrum had to become a livable city with lots of greenery and amenities. Fortunately, they have succeeded very well.

All factors mentioned above give Frankfurt its own unique face and environment. In addition to the history in trade and business, this also contributes to the success of the city. Most people leave a pleasant feeling about visiting Frankfurt. Perhaps the image is still a bit like that of a cold business city when that is not the case. Anyone who thinks that all nice cities have seen a decent driving distance should definitely plan a city trip to Frankfurt once. You will be pleasantly surprised by this city of euro and apple wine.