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Berlin is a city that everyone should have on his or her bucket list. There are few cities in the world that are as versatile as the city of Berlin. The great thing about Berlin is that many sights are close together. So you can visit a number on the same day while enjoying an affordable day room as a base.


Berlin is the capital of Germany. The history of Berlin ensures that millions of tourists visit the once-shared city every year to look at the remains of the former division, the architecture, remnants of the Berlin Wall and everything else that reminds us of the turbulent past of the city. Great contrasts can mainly be found in old and new architecture. Almost everyone is familiar with the turbulent history in which West Berlin was separated for decades by East Berlin and East Germany for about 168 kilometers. This Berlin wall has completely disappeared after the fall of the wall in 1989. From the moment West Berlin and East Berlin were merged into one city, the place has developed rapidly.

Because Berlin has existed as a shared city for more than forty years, the two areas have developed independently of each other at a time when there was much to be built. The many bombardments during the Second World War had damaged the city of Berlin so much that reconstruction was necessary. In the former East Berlin you can see that people are mainly focused on housing. The street image of the eastern half of the city is for a reasonably determined by residential complexes of an average of five to eight storeys high. In between you will find some historic buildings, houses and shop buildings from before the war and more and more modern shopping centers. Alexanderplatz is an example of modern Berlin, while the square Frankfurter Tor gives an idea of ​​how a boulevard was set up in communist East Berlin in the 1950s. The original city gate to which the square is named disappeared at the end of the nineteenth century, when the city walls disappeared.

Within the former East Berlin, however, there are also a number of beautiful historic buildings such as the Dom of Berlin, the Red Town Hall, the St. Mary's Church and the television tower that can be seen from many places in the city at a height of 365 meters. One of the most beautiful buildings that just stood on the east side of the Berlin Wall is the Brandenburg Gate. This city gate is the only city gate of Berlin that has been preserved. The current gate dates from the year 1788. During the Second World War the gate and the immediate surroundings were severely damaged by the violence of war. The Brandenburger Tor was completely renovated in the nineties of the last century, after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Currently it is one of the most photographed objects in Berlin and also an important point where street artists, pickpockets and custom-made stampers try to earn money from the flow of tourists who mainly gather at Pariser Platz.